Dress Code

At school, we expect Berkshire Waldorf students to be neat, clean, and appropriately dressed. At our “all weather” school, that includes being adequately dressed and prepared for a variety of New England weather, including footwear. We request parents’ and caregivers’ thoughtful collaboration in helping children be ready to fully participate in their entire (read: active, largely outdoor) school day, while maintaining standards of dress and appearance that support excellent behavior and concentration.

Daily Dress

In addition to regular school days, “daily dress” applies to class trips and after-school activities, as well as school-sponsored events held off campus.

Assembly Dress

Performance creates a circle between the presenter and the audience. Our students put a great deal of effort into their offerings; learning to present themselves with dignity and assurance includes wearing formal attire.

For school assemblies and public performances, students are asked to dress up. Options include dresses; dress tops and skirts or pants; or a button-front, solid or simply patterned, long-sleeved, collared shirt tucked into pants with a belt. Denim skirts or pants (jeans), and high-heeled shoes, are not permitted.

Dress Code Maintenance

Your child’s teacher will provide a gear list that will help students remain healthy, happy, comfortable and active throughout their school day. Since the Berkshires can have very changeable weather, you may need to provide changes of clothing or extra socks or mittens, for example, to prepare your child to adapt to changing conditions. Please help your child choose modest, comfortable and relatively plain clothing that will allow their personality to shine, and not prove a distraction. Teachers will assist students who arrive at school with attire outside the dress code, or who are wearing questionable dress, and may contact caregivers to provide suitable replacements, or distribute school-provided clothing when necessary.