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Berkshire Waldorf School Distance Learning Bridges Social Distancing

Imbue yourself with the power of imagination, Have courage for the truth, Sharpen your feeling for the responsibility of the soul. Rudolf Steiner inspired the first Waldorf teachers with this verse over 100 years ago, and it’s helping our teachers stay true to Waldorf education values—even while they adapt to the sudden and dramatic challenge […]

Caring for Very Young Children While We are Home

by Sheela Clary, The Berkshire Edge The only thing we can control is how we show up for each other every day. Somer Serpe Somer Serpe is the Parent-Child Garden teacher at Berkshire Waldorf School. She works with infants through age three and a half, holding smaller versions of a nursery classroom that includes both […]

10 Tips for Distance Learning

Keep a sense of the rhythm of the school day, based on Steiner’s concept of weekly/daily rhythm. Change out of pjs and dress for the day, to begin main lesson in the morning. Progress to downtime, reading or quiet time at midday, then outside time, games and projects in the afternoon. Focus on keeping bedtime […]

Wash your hands

While the world is busy responding to the novel coronavirus, at school, we are taking extra precautions to keep the school clean and bring awareness to keeping our hands clean. If you’re lucky enough to witness the warmth with which our teachers greet their students in the morning, you’ll know that traditionally this is done […]

Remarks offered during the all school assembly honoring of Dr. Martin Luther King

Today, January 15, is the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King lived 39 years on this earth. If he were alive today, today would be his 90th birthday. Martin Luther King’s life was cut tragically short; but it is inspiring to think about all he did accomplish in his 39 years. Without Dr. […]

Celebrating the Season of Light at Berkshire Waldorf School

As we approach the winter solstice (the shortest day and longest night of the year) on December 21, Berkshire Waldorf School—along with Waldorf schools all over the world—enters the Season of Light