Parent Association

Class Responsibilities

The Berkshire Waldorf School has a time-honored tradition of assigning specific tasks to each class. Class Responsibilities outline what each class’s duties are throughout the year. You are encouraged to participate in events that are not specific to your class however it is understood that your first priority will be to the tasks that your child’s class has been assigned. Duties include things like set-up, providing refreshments, and clean-up. The event organizers will provide detailed instructions as to what is needed for each specific event.

Parent Participation

Active parent participation is integral to and essential for the health and well-being of our school. The entire quality of life at the school is enriched and supported by parent involvement. The Parent Association Parents provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support for the teacher and the class. PA Class Reps and supportive class parents, along with the class teacher, create a strong foundation for each grade and early childhood classroom.

As an organization, the Parent Association consists of volunteer representatives from each classroom, from preschool through eighth grade. These representatives coordinate class functions and activities, as well as act as liaisons between the class parents and the teachers/administration. Each class has school activities and events for which it is responsible, and the families in each class work together to ensure the success of these events.

In addition to the support that the PA gives the school, it also supports parents.Throughout the year the PA hosts Parent Education events — presentations that discuss topics such as different aspects of Waldorf schooling, raising healthy children and mindfulness workshops. The PA also hosts its annual fundraiser, Café’ Night, to be held in mid-March. This enjoyed-by-all adults variety show features the many talents of our Berkshire Waldorf School community, so it’s not too early to start rehearsing your act!

The families that make up our school have chosen Waldorf education at Berkshire Waldorf School because of its rich, comprehensive curriculum and whole child experiential philosophy. The relationships AMONG parents, children, and teachers are central to Waldorf education. A Waldorf school flourishes when its students’ education and development are nurtured both at home and at school. With this in mind, the Parent Association encourages and supports activities and communication among parents, teachers and administration. The Parent Association meets as a group once a month and all parents are invited to attend. Check the School Calendar for the dates.