Our After School Sports Program for Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade students is geared toward healthy competition against other public and independent schools, including Waldorf schools.

We offer three-season intramural sports in soccer, basketball, lacrosse and baseball. As part of their well-rounded education, we require Middle School students to participate in at least one sport per year during their Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade years, but they may play sports in all seasons, too. (Mr. Crowley will be delighted!). Once students make a commitment to a sports team, they must attend all practices and games against other schools.

Practices are after school M, W and F from 3:15-4:30 p. Games fall on the same days, with occasional late pickups for “away” games.

Go Bobcats!

Fall Sports

Soccer – Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys & Girls Teams | Sixth Grade Co-ed

Winter Sports

Basketball – Sixth through Eighth Grade Boys & Girls Teams

Spring Sports

Baseball – Sixth through Eighth Grade Co-ed

Lacrosse – Sixth through Eighth Grade Girls