Diversity & Inclusion

“The healthy social life is found
when, in the mirror of each human soul,
the whole community finds its reflection,
and when, in the community,
the virtue of each one is living.”

—Dr. Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education

Honoring Diversity at Berkshire Waldorf School

Berkshire Waldorf School welcomes diversity of all kinds—cultural, economic, religious, racial, learning style, gender identification and expression, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin—among students, teachers, staff, trustees and parents. We believe that diversity makes us stronger and that empathy and collaboration change the world for the better. Waldorf education prioritizes building a community where all children and families are cherished for their intrinsic value and potential.

Although from many different backgrounds, one quality our community shares is cultural openness. We continuously foster and deepen this commitment with self-reflection and education. Being part ofBerkshire Waldorf School community includes taking up the work of recognizing and rectifying our own biases, to keep ourselves accountable to this mission.

Berkshire Waldorf School recognizes diversity as essential to providing an education that develops the full potential of each student. Sensitivity and cultural competency are critical to enriching our community and deepening the learning experience for all students. Further, we believe it is a moral imperative to build a strong, diverse school community. A holistic education must include preparing our students to meet the world with compassion, resilience, understanding, and creativity, so they have the capacity to create a healthy, safe and life-affirming world for future generations.