School Clothes

Summer weather in the garden calls for a sun hat!

At school, we expect Berkshire Waldorf students to be neat, clean, and dressed for our active, “all weather” school. That includes being adequately dressed and prepared for a variety of New England weather, including footwear.

Grades students go out for recess in all weathers, and participate in Games, Farming/Gardening and other outdoor classes, rain or shine. 

Early Childhood programs are play-based, and students spend a good part of their day outside. 

It’s helpful to look at your child’s daily/weekly schedule to understand what clothing will work best for each Grade or Early Childhood program. In addition, keep an eye on the daily weather report, as weather in the Berkshires can be unpredictable. Your child’s teacher will provide a recommended clothing and gear list, and will ask you to keep an extra, full set of clothes in your student’s cubby at school, replenished seasonally. 

We request parents’ and caregivers’ thoughtful collaboration in helping children be ready to fully participate in their indoor/outdoor school day, while maintaining standards of dress and appearance that support excellent behavior and concentration.

Simple, comfortable clothes lets your child’s individuality shine.

Daily Dress*

What we expect for students’ school clothing:

*In addition to regular school days, we consider that “daily dress” applies to class trips, after-school activities, as well as school-sponsored events held off campus.

Special events such as the Rose Ceremony on Opening Day call for special clothes.

Assembly Dress

Performance creates a circle between the presenter and the audience. Our students put a great deal of effort into their offerings; learning to present themselves with dignity and assurance includes wearing formal attire.

For school assemblies, ceremonies and public performances, we ask students to dress up. 

Options include:

Winter fun is all about the gear.

Dress Code Maintenance

Your child’s teacher will provide a gear list that will help students remain healthy, happy, comfortable and active throughout their school day. Since the Berkshires can sometimes have more than one kind of weather in a day, you may need to provide changes of clothing, or extra socks and waterproof mittens, for example, to prepare your child to adapt to changing conditions.

Look for more Dress Code details in the BWS Parent Handbook.