Early Childhood

At Berkshire Waldorf School, learning begins with rich sensory experiences and a holistic play-based education that honors your young child’s developmental readiness and innate potential.

Children learn through play, action and imitation, so our early childhood program offers them play-based learning, with “child-activated” natural playthings. Stories, songs and movement teach collaboration, enhance creativity and strengthen each child’s love of making and doing.

Homelike classrooms, filled with color and the fragrance of baking bread, or soup the children helped to make with vegetables from our biodynamic garden, appeal to all their senses. The dependable rhythm of the day nurtures your child’s self-esteem, and creates a natural bridge from home to school.

And there’s plenty of outdoor time, with the best playthings of all: the Hairy Beary Woods, Tree Island and surrounding gardens, fields and streams, changing through four seasons of the Berkshire year. 

Berkshire Waldorf School welcomes your application for Fall 2020. Sliding-scale tuition, based on your family’s income, is available for mixed-age Early Childhood (pre-K) and Kindergarten programs. Berkshire Waldorf Summer offers Waldorf-inspired summer day programs (June 22 – August 7) for children starting at age 3. For more information, call Admissions Director Robyn Coe at 413-528-4015, ext. 106, or visit us for a school tour or family event.

The sensory richness, collaborative play and will work of early childhood bridge to abstract learning in first grade.

More Info

Children who are 2 years, 5 months old by September 1, 2020 are ready for mixed-age Early Childhood (pre-kindergarten) classes in the fall; children 3 years old by September 1 are ready for Kindergarten. Choose Early Childhood and Kindergarten classes 4 or 5 full days or mornings per week. NEW for this year, BWS is accepting applications for young children 18-36 months old by September 1, for a five full day Toddler Program.

Early Childhood and Kindergarten morning classes start at 8:15a and end at noon; full day classes extend until 2:45p, and include lunchtime, rest time and an additional outside play time. Early care starting at 7:30a and After care until 5:30p are also available.

Early Childhood and Kindergarten classes create a special community snack every morning and bring their own lunch if they stay for the full day.

Parent-Child Garden classes for children 4 months to 3 years old with a parent or guardian take place weekly in Fall, Winter and Spring.